Zong Whatsapp Packages- Free, Daily, 3 Days, Weekly and Monthly

We have gathered all the zong free, daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly WhatsApp packages. These packages provide free Mbs with which customers can enjoy free WhatsApp.

Zong WhatsApp packages.

If you love to text round the clock or you text when you need to. In both cases, you may choose the following packages described below. The details are there with activation codes, details of MBs (Data), validity and prices.

Zong daily WhatsApp package.

Zong daily package is available for a complete 1 day. You may activate it for the next 24 hours. The package will get deactivated without any issues and you will be required to re-subscribe it. Zong daily WhatsApp package is further divided into different categories, as explained below,

Zong Social Pack Offer (WhatsApp / Twitter / Facebook):

Zong Daily Social Pack provides 100 MBs which is available for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter only. You can enjoy the best service data in just 10 Rs. Including tax. this is a social pack, incentives of this package are as follow;
  • Zong Daily Social Pack Offer Charges are Rs. 10+tax/ per day
  • Zong Social Pack Offer Subscription Code is *6464#
  • To check remaining MBs dial *102#
  • Offer Validity is 1 Day
  • You can enjoy Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.
Network Package Price 🏷️ Data 📶 SUBSCRIPTION CODE Validity 📲
Zong Social Pack Offer (WhatsApp / Twitter / Facebook) Rs. 10+ tax 100 mbs of WhatsApp, twitter, and facebook *6464# 1 day

Zong weekly whatsapp packages

There are zong weekly whatsapp packages in which you can enjoy the whatsapp offers for 7 days (a week) at different rates and prices. This package has the following categories;

Zong Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Zong is offering another collective data bundle. there are no specific weekly packages for whatsapp.

Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle:

At last, we are introducing Zong monthly whatsapp offer. This package provides the customer with 30 Mbs of the internet for the complete month with the validity of 30 Mbs per day.
  • 500 FREE SMS for All Networks (Valid between Per day for 30 days)
  • 30 MB Internet (Valid between Per day for 30 days)
  • Offer Validity is 30 Days
  • Offer Price is Rs. 50 (Excl. Tax)
  • Subscription Code *705#
  • Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700
Network Package Price 🏷️ Data 📶 SUBSCRIPTION CODE Validity 📲
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Rs. 50 (Excl. Tax) 500 Free Sms and 30 Mbs of data per day *705# 30 day

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Offer:

Zong Prepaid or Postpaid customers can enjoy Zong WhatsApp Offer which provides 4 GB Internet Data for WhatsApp. It costs you PKR 25/-. This is the reasonable amount that each customer can afford. Having on this offer you can enjoy 4G WhatsApp for the complete month. All you need to do is to dial *247# to subscribe to this offer.
The details of Zong WhatsApp Offer incentives are as:
  • Ability to ake Video & Voice Calls
  • Video-Sharing / Downloading
  • You can Send or Receive Text / Voice Message
  • Pictures Sharing is available
  • Zong WhatsApp Offer Subscription Code *247#
  • Offer Price is Rs. 25/-
  • Validity is of 30 days
  • Check remaining resources / MBs *102#
  • To Unsubscribe Zong WhatsApp Offer dial UNSUB SM and send it to 6464
  • This is an auto-recursive offer which means expired, customers can renew or re-subscribe the offer.
Note:Zong WhatsApp Offer is the same offer which was called Zong FREE WhatsApp Offer. Recently, Zong has updated this offer or package. This offer was free previously but it provides 4 GB data for WhatsApp in only PKR 20/- per month.
Network Package Price 🏷️ Data 📶 SUBSCRIPTION CODE Validity 📲
Zong day WhatsApp offer Rs. 20 4 GB *247# 30 day

Zong Monthly Postpaid Whatsapp package

There is Zong whatsapp monthly package for postpaid customers. Zong does not offer the weekly and daily whatsapp data bundle offers but only monthly Package. See the details of packages below
Offer Incentives
  • 8 GB Internet (Valid between Per day for 30 days)
  • Offer Validity is 30 Days
  • Offer Price is Rs. 25 (Excl. Tax)
  • Subscription Code *247#
  • Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700
Network Package Price 🏷️ Data 📶 SUBSCRIPTION CODE Validity 📲
Zong Monthly Postpaid WhatsApp Bundle Rs. 25 (Excl. Tax) 8 Gb of data per day *247# 30 day
for further details of internet package dial *6464# or visit our site
Is Whatsapp free on Zong?
Yes, the Zong customers can use the WhatsApp to send messages and share the images & videos without subscribing to any package.
What is Zong Whatsapp bundle?
There are many WhatsApp bundles for the daily and monthly usage. We have added the details of the packages in this article so read up!
How check Zong Whatsapp MBs?
If you want to check the remaining MBs or to check the status of your package, you can dial *102*4#
How can I subscribe Zong monthly Whatsapp package?
To subscribe to the monthly WhatsApp package of Zong, you need to dial *247#.


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