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5 Step Guide How To Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Are you looking to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android ? As we all have cellphones that are used for multiple purposes. Android and iPhone are the most popular smartphones in the market.  Everyone wants to have one of these two smartphones. Many people want to use Android and iPhone. When people used iPhones, they switch their phone to Android after some time and vice versa. So, they sometimes face difficulty to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Contacts are the most important data on our mobile phones. Some people, when they switched their phone, they don’t like to waste a lot of their time to save contacts and many other kinds of stuff. So, I’m going to discuss some easy ways to transfer the contacts from iPhone to Android.

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Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android, Are As Follows:

  • Mobile trans-phone transfer
  • Via Gmail
  • Via an App
  • Transfer contacts with iCloud
  • With contacts App


  • Firstly, you have to back up your iPhone or all the mobile data into the computer.
  • Restore all the data and features from the computer to your iPhone. And make sure that it must restore your contacts.
  • It supports your music and videos and many other kinds of stuff that are being commonly used and important.
  • It also supports every type of mobile phone including iOS devices.


  • Heads up to via your computer system.
  • select your contacts which you want to save on your mobile phones.
  • If you want to save all the data and all the contacts, click the lower-left button and select all the contacts.
  • Your computer will automatically download a VCF file.
  • After this process, log in to your google account.
  • Click on the Gmail logo and icon which shows on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Select all the contacts.
  • Click the “MORE” icon and select the “import”.
  • Click on the import icon and it will automatically save your data in your device.


Contact Backup is already available in iPhone smartphones on the iPhone App Store. This is very easy to use. It allows you to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android is a very simple and easy way. You don’t have to create an account or sign in on any app if you have an iPhone App store. This app will be able to transfer your data if you will have a Wi-Fi or internet connection on your smartphones.

  • You just have to launch an iPhone after installing it.
  • It will ask you to access the information of your contacts, you will have to click the button “Ok”.
  • After this, tap on the backup button.
  • Select the email on which you want to backup or save your contacts or other pieces of stuff.
  • You can send this email to yourself and you can easily download it to your Android.


Another way to transfer the contacts from iPhone to Android is the iPhone Cloud App.

  • Head up to via your computer.
  • Select the contacts, if you want to save all the contacts, select the gear and save your all contacts.
  • When you will click the gear again, it will show the dropdown menu with the vCard, select the export vCard.
  • Your computer will automatically a VCF file.
  • Plug your Android system with the computer, computer the VCF file in your system.


This app is very easy to use, but it used when you will have to save or back up a small amount of contacts list. It has two ways of transferring the contacts; via text message and via email. It is up to you which method you want to use.

  • Tap on the contacts app.
  • Select the contacts which you want to transfer.
  • Swipe down and click on the email icon.
  • Enter your email id and then you can easily download your contacts in your Android system.

These are the very simple and easy ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. you can go with these steps to easily fix your problem.

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