Telenor Caller Tunes Code – Latest Updated

In this webpage, we have added the details on Telenor Caller Tunes. We are always finding ways to help our readers and this is what we did here. Read below for further information on Telenor Caller Tunes.

Telenor Caller Tune is basically a service that will enable the subscribers to make their loved ones listen to a song rather than the boring ringtone set by default. The complete details on subscription of caller tune are written below;

Telenor Call Tune Activation Code – Number 1

This method will use calls to subscribe to the caller tune service. Other details are as;

  • Go the phones section on your mobile
  • Now, dial 543211 and follow the voice instruction

Telenor Call Tune Activation Code – Number 2

This method uses messages to subscribe to the caller tune service. Read below for other details;

  • Go to the message option of your phone and compose a new message
  • Now, write “CT ACT” to 543211

Telenor Caller Tune Deactivation Code

We have also added the details on deactivating the caller tune service;

  • You can call at 543211 and follow the instructions to deactivate this offer
  • You can also send “CT DACT” TO 543211 in order to deactivate

Terms & Conditions

  • The subscription charges of this service will be Rs. 1.20 per day
  • 18.5% Tax will be applied on Islamabad users
  • 18.5 % Tax will be applied on AJK users
  • FATA/PATA/Gilgit Baltistan users will not pay any tax
  • 19.5% tax will be applied on Punjab users
  • 19% tax will be applied on Sindh users
  • 19.5% tax will be applied on Balochistan users
  • 19.5% Tax will be applied on KPK users

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