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12 Difficulties of Sky Q Box and Problem Solving of Remote


Are you looking for the best content about the Sky q box? So, here, this is the best material article for all of you. You will get to know a much-uncomplicated way that what is the Sky Q box and what are its functions? Moreover, how you can solve all the problems?

So, it is contribution-based television and entertainment service operated by a British Satellite television provider by Sky. Its name is Sky Q set-top box. It has launched in 2016, it is referred to as a multimedia platform that helps to combine multi-conventional television on demand.

It includes different types of set-boxes as PVR set-top box, multi-room set-top box, and broadband-connected “Hub”, and many applications for mobiles and desktop devices. Sky Q had a pretty warm reception by the public. This also can be pretty frustrating because it can be difficult to know what to do from this. 


The most unique system of this remote is that press the home button and then hold the 1 and 3 button front on your remote, the flash will on of your Sky Q remote. The home button on the front of your Sky Q remote also helps you to go directly to the home page of your screen.

There are some other special buttons with audio function, recorder, and volume control with mute button, to search for anything that you want to watch and play. It also has a power button in the top right corner.


When your remote flash will be on, follow the instructions that will be shown on your Sky Q screen. There will be one small round button in between the cursor buttons around it, press that button to select anything you want. If you want to set up all the systems, then go to settings, there will be an option of setup, press that middle small circle button to select the setup, there you will see an option of remote control, click on that, and set-up your device accordingly.


Another method is factory reset that fixes a lot of problems, it might not help with some of these as if you have got no satellite signals or different issues with your device. Simply use the front panel of your box and fix your problem in a second.

Every so often, you will have not an option to reset your box. Then what will you do? You do not have to worry about it at all, here is the solution and simplest method of this problem


The straightforward way of how to reset the Sky Q box is very easy and simple and you can do it without any complication.

Sometimes, it is quite easy to solve the problems through the Sky Q box, but not everyone can do the same. So if you are in difficulty getting to know the method how to reset the Sky Q box, we are going to run through it.

There are some steps that how to reset the Sky Q box by the trouble-free method are as follows:

  • Press the home button to check out the settings
  • Then go to your settings, and enter the 001 code on the remote
  • There will be an option named “select”, press that “select
  • Your factory reset option will appear on your screen
  • Then press the standby button and your system Sky Q will start to reset

So, this was the simple and easiest method to how to reset the Sky Q box. But the problem is that, sometimes, in most of the scenarios, there is some confusion for most of the people to check out the settings, because it does not have any designated reset button, and it causes not work properly.

So, we have some more tips to check it out in a better way.


Three simple and very trouble-free strategies help you to figure out the problem of losing recordings.

Reboot the sky Q box with remote
  • Hold down the standby button of your remote and wait until the light or flash of the remote turns on and going to be red
  • Then press the Sky button twice until the green light turns on
  • You will get an option to startup the device after almost four to five minutes and your device will be rebooted
Reboot the Sky Q box without remote       
  • Unplug the device from the main switch, wait for three to five minutes
  • Press and hold the side button named as “select” button while you plug in the device again
  • Your device will change its colors, wait until it turns red
  • Click the TV guide through your remote, your system will be rebooted without remote
Rebuild The Planner
  • Press the services button, select the setup option, now press the 0, 1 with the “select” button
  • It will show you the installer setup choice, click on the planner rebuild choice
  • Wait until the system message “Housekeeping please wait” has gone, it will help to restart your device

Sky Q Box Without Remote

Are you worried about losing your Sky remote? There is a perfect solution to your problem. Sky q has a touch remote control feature that will give you to enjoy your time even if you have lost your remote.


Usually, turning your box on and off again is enough to fix the problem

  • Firstly, do not forget to stand by your box before using this method.
  • Simply turn the device or box back on
  • Wait for seconds to reload it properly
  • Then just follow the instructions that will be shown on your screen
  • Press the home button to get your channel guidance

Here is another option to fix all the problems, if that one’s not working properly.


This is another unworried technique to get to know that how to reset the Sky Q box. If a factory reset does not work worthy, then you would have to fix the problem completely by resetting the hard drive of the Sky Q box by following the instructions that are as follows:

  • Press the home button
  • Open the settings
  • Enter the 001 code onto your remote
  • Then press the “select” icon

This will delete all the data from your Sky Q set-top box. Make sure that you will fix your problems by using the other methods as compared to resetting the hard drive.

Minibox Not Responding

Firstly, try to do the solutions that I have already told you at the beginning of this content, which means reboot, reset, and plugged in and out of the system accordingly. Wait until the screen shows you the instructions, follow them. It can take 30 secs or maybe 5 minutes as well. So, before pressing the home button, wait calmly. 

Minibox not working blue screen 

When your device shows you the blue screen? If there is a problem with the blue screen, make sure that you were plugged your device into the correct input source. It is familiar for TVs to change their settings. But even if it is, turn off both of the devices, Sky Q and TV, and make sure to disconnect the HDMI cable.

Drive on Sky Q Box

The hard drive is usually used to keep all the data that is either important or not. So you can also use a drive on a Sky Q box according to your system’s model to keep your record/data/content.

Backup Button on The Sky Q Box

Sky Q backup button is quite left to the home button. It is a three-sided square button with an arrow pointing to the left. And it is much uncomplicated in use.

These all are the fixes of the Sky Q box for you to get rid of all the problems that you are facing badly.

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