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How to Remove The Underline Feature While Typing On An Android

Most of the Android phones have some already set fonts and text styles. Some of the fonts have lines under the text, which various people do not like at all. This usually happens if your auto spelling or auto-correction is turned on. By turning it off, you can avoid unwanted underlined text.

Here we will tell you simple methods of how to remove the underline feature while typing in an Android phone using the default keyboard. This quick guide will assist you in changing underlined text to simple text. So please give it a read, and you are good to go with a simple font.

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How to Remove The Underline Feature While Typing On an Android Phone Using The Default Keyboard

To remove underline text and change it to simple plain text, you can follow below mentioned simple steps.

  • Open up the menu list and locate the setting
  • Tap on the “settings” to open all the options
  • Click on ‘language and input’ and scroll down the menu
  • Tap on “spelling correction” and turn it off

After doing that, you will not see and underline text on your default keyboard. But here is another simple method too.

While you start writing using your phone’s keypad, you see an icon of spell check in the notification bar (not necessarily available in all androids). You can visit the setting from there and turn off the underline text option quickly.

Once you are done with turning off the concerned option, your problem will get resolved. This was all about how to remove the underline feature while typing on Android phones using the default keyboard. I hope that you like this reading and it helped you in resolving your problem. You can visit our websites for more android guides and resolve your issues efficiently without any extra effort. We have made every effort to give you simple and easy directions on a single platform.

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