Linux Architecture-Basics of Linux and it’s Features

This tutorial is about the Linux architecture, which will be very helpful to understand the structure of Linux for Linux users. Many people asked about the Linux architecture. So before starting a discussion of Linux architecture, I would like you to get the information about Linux.

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What Is A LINUX?

Linux is an open-source and free of cost operating system. It is beneficial for the users as software. It is software used to receive other program’s requests and relays those requests to the computer’s hardware.

You can see that Linux is similar to many operating systems that you have ever been used, like Windows XP, Mac OS, and IOS, etc.

Linux has a GUI (graphical user interface), and it has much other software like a word processor, photos, and video editors. If you can easily use a computer system, you can entirely use Linux, because it is very similar to computers.

All the codes that are being used to develop and create Linux are free. And it allows the users to view, edit, or make it. There are many distributions of Linux that includes many other software options. You can install the software according to your requirements.


The Linux architecture of the Linux operating system has included these five components that are as follows:

  • Kernel
  • Hardware Layer
  • Shell
  • System library
  • Utilities

What is A KERNEL ?

A kernel is the core and major part of the Linux operating system which is capable and responsible for all the functions and activities of the Linux operating system. It consists of different modules that help it to run the Linux operating system. It also interacts directly with the primary hardware of the Linux operating system.

It offers the users to hide the application programs and all the details of the low-level hardware. There are four types of the kernel that are as follows:

  • Monolithic Kernel
  • Micro Kernels
  • Exo Kernels
  • Hybrid Kernels


The hardware layer consists of peripheral devices like RAM, HDD, CPU. Hardware devices are those devices that you can touch and feel. These devices and layers are used to store a large amount of data.

What Is A SHELL ?

Shell is the interface between the Kernel and the user, and it is used to take the commands from the user. It executes the Kernel function. It affords all the services of the Kernel. Shell has been divided into two types of an operating system that are as follows:

  • Command-line shells
  • Graphical shells

Command-line shells provide its user a command-line interface, while graphical shells provide its user the graphical interface.


System libraries are those functions that are so special and are used to implement the functionality of the operating system. There is no need to access the rights of Kernel’s modules.

What is a UTILITIES ?

System utility programs are used to do some individual tasks, and it is specialized-level tasks.


In the Linux architecture, features of the Linux operating system are also included. So the features of the Linux operating system are:

  • In Linux, programs consist of one or more than one process, and each process has one or more threads.
  • All source codes of the Linux operating system are free to use and easily available for the users.
  • Linux has a different file structure from Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Linux was based on codes as it was developed with different codes.
  • All the data stores in the form of a tree. And many other devices are the roots of that tree file.
  • All the users can easily co-exist with the Linux operating system along with the other operating systems.
  • Linux can run multiple user programs.
  • In the Linux operating system, all the individual accounts are protected.
  • Linux operating system is a replica of the Unix operating system, but it never uses its code.
  • Linux has replaceable and interchangeable interfaces which means that you can easily switch the data and environment without taking and carrying the installations.
  • It has a shell prompt named bash.

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So, this was the Linux architecture that helps the user to use it in a very simple and efficient way. It is a very advantageous Linux architecture as well.

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