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Jazz is a well-known company in the Pakistan telecommunication world that gives the fastest internet coverage at the lowest and moderate rates. The jazz is providing its customers with reliable internet packages and in the struggle of designing new bundles. All the struggle is to satisfy its customers which is the set goal of the company.

In this consent, it has designed different Jazz Facebook packages – Free Daily Weekly and Monthly.
Jazz 4G with its fastest speed is providing services to all types of clients at individual and business levels. The internet is an essential part of life nowadays. It is a source of social networking, business communication, and entertainment. As it keeps us connected with everyone. So is the case of some social apps that provide the news and updates of everyone from everywhere.

Not just the updates and information but social apps are now used as a source of business and jobs. Many people are getting their resources through social apps. Not just this but it is now a source of advertisement as well. And above all many people have shifted their recruitments and hiring by posting ads on Facebook and taking CVs and interviews through social sites. In all these acts, Facebook is playing a major and main role.

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The Company cares for its customers and for this purpose jazz has introduced Free, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly bundles to provide ease to customers. It makes them able to enjoy and share every moment with their friends and followers.

Jazz Facebook Packages – Free, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Jazz has offered at different affordable rates. Here we have daily, weekly and monthly Facebook bundles. But above them, all it has an amazing free facebook package as well.

Jazz  Free Facebook Bundle.

This is giving you a free facebook package without charging you in any case. There are no hidden charges for this free facebook bundle and you can enjoy the free facebook for 24 hours. In this offer you can share the post and can or like or comments other than this, it gives access to chat with friends. You cannot view the photos and videos. In case, you want to see the videos and pictures you will have to pay for this. Here are the offer incentives

  • Charges of the bundle: 0 Rs
  • Internet data: O Mbs for other apps and internet usage
  • Facebook Mbs: Unlimited Mbs for facebook only
  • Validity: 24 hours (1 day)
  • Subscription code: there is no subscription code for free facebook. You just need to open facebook. Go to the timeline here you will find an option as “go-to free” click on this. Keep going with Jazz free Facebook offer for the following day without paying any charges.
Network Package Name Price Data Validity Activation Code
Jazz Free facebook Bundle Rs. 0 Unlimited For Facebook 1 Day Nill

Jazz Facebook Daily Bundle

Jazz Daily facebook offer gives facebook Mbs along with some other Mbs for internet browsing. For daily use of Facebook, subscribe to Jazz daily facebook offer in just Rs 5 including tax by dialing the given code. And enjoy internet browsing and facebook for a complete ay. Other than the internet mbs. Here we are just sharing the facebook details. Check the incentives

  • Charges of the bundle:Rs 5.98
  • Internet data: 200 Mbs for whatsapp
  • Facebook Mbs: 200 Mbs for facebook only
  • Validity: 24 hours (1 day)
  • Subscription code: Dial *455# for Activation,
  • Status check code: Dial *455*2# for a status check
  • Deactivation code. To deactivate the bundle dial *455*4#
Network Package Name Price Data Validity Activation Code
Jazz Facebook Daily Bundle Rs 5.98  Facebook Mbs: 200 Mbs for facebook only 1 Day Dial *455# for Activation

Jazz Weekly Facebook Bundle

For weekly jazz facebook usage, subscribe to jazz weekly social bundle. This bundle includes internet MBS for internet browsing WhatsApp and facebook. You can enjoy the bundle for 7 days at low rates. The offer charges are just in the affordable range. To subscribe on this package dial the activation code given below. See the offer incentive to activate jazz weekly facebook bundle

  • Charges of the bundle: Rs.50  including tax
  • Internet data: 8 Gb for WhatsApp and IMO (2 Gb from 2 AM to 2 PM)
  • Facebook Mbs: 8 GB for facebook (2 Gb from 2 AM to 2 PM)
  • Validity: a week (7 days)
  • Subscription code: Dial *660# for Activation,
  • Status check code: Dial *660*2# for a status check
  • Deactivation code: The package automatically unsubscribes after 7 days.
Network Package Name Price Data Validity Activation Code
Jazz Weekly Facebook Bundle Rs.50 Facebook Mbs: 8 GB for facebook (2 Gb from 2 AM to 2 PM) 7 Days Dial *660# for Activation

JazZ Monthly Facebook Package

It has not specifically designed any facebook package for a month. But many internet packages are available at different prices that give volume for the internet. For these packages, you can visit our site and see jazz internet packages. You will get the all-jazz monthly internet packages there

Monthly Free Jazz Facebook Package

Those customers who are new to facebook can use free facebook for 30 days. There is not any specific way to activate this bundle. just open the Facebook app and select the option “ go free”. The option will be present at the facebook timeline. By selecting that option you can enjoy facebook for 30 days only if you are new to facebook.

If jazz customers are new Facebook users then they can use free facebook for the 30 days.

Terms and conditions

  • There are no hidden charges for free facebook.
  • It is a lightweight version of Facebook. It does not allow to watch videos and pictures. For videos and pictures, you will have to shift to data more
  • In free moe sometimes we get the complaint that our balance just blows away while we are just using facebook on free moe. So to avoid just issue, turn off other background data sync apps.
  • The prices of bundles include tax
  • Other than free bundle all the other packages have some other internet Mbs
  • For monthly facebook, usage subscribes to any jazz monthly internet bucket.
  • Some of the packages get resubscribe automatically if you have sufficient balance in your account. And for some packages, you will have to subscribe to the code again.

This was all about facebook packages. I hope you liked it and you have got what you were looking for. For more detailed guides of packages and activation, visit our page. We have added much informative and knowledgable content there. Share our content with your fellows and family and help s to grow.

In case of any question, write freely in the comment section given below. And let us know what you want further. We will try to reach you as soon as possible. Till then stay connected with us for more updates and stay tuned! Thank you for your time.


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