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How To Clear Cookies on Android Phones 10 Easy Steps

How To Clear Cookies on Android Phones 10 Easy Steps Any web browser, either on your desktop or on your android phone, saves some cookies. The purpose is to serve you with the best quality of the concerned website. These cookies of different websites help in quick loading and other related functions, but sometimes these cookies proved to be troublesome.

These websites, whose cookies get saved in the browser, send your information to contracted third parties, which further sends promotional content to your browser. You may find that advertising content that will interrupt your usual surfing. But do not worry about this because we will tell you simple methods of How to clear cookies on android phones.

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How To Clear Cookies on Android Phones 10 Easy Steps

Here is how you can clear the cookies from the android web browser in 5 minutes. Follow the instructions as mentioned below;

  1. Switch on your android phone (if it is turned off)
  2. Go to the menu bar to have all the android applications
  3. Please scroll down the menu to locate the web browser (from which you want to remove the cookie, e.g., Google Chrome / Internet Explorer/ Firefox, etc.) and tap on it to start the program.
  4. Tap on the vertical three dots present on the right top corner of the browser’s window interface.
  5. From the scrolled down list, click on the “settings” option
  6. In the settings, you will have an option of “Advanced.”
  7. Click on “Advanced” and then tap on the “Privacy.”
  8. Once the privacy interface is opened, scroll down the list and tap on “Clear Browsing Data.”
  9. On clicking the “Clear browsing data,” a pop-up window will emerge on the screen. From here, check “clear cookies, cookies sites, and site data” by taping on the options.
  10. If you choose to check other options, you can tap on them and select your required options.
  11. Once you are done with all, you can tap on the clear button to remove the cookies from your android’s web browser.

By following these simple steps, you can remove excessive data and cookies from your android’s web browsers. This will improve your android’s availability to store more data on your choice. Moreover, you can enjoy hassle-free browsing by removing unwanted cookies from various websites. Try this, and let us know how your experience was with us.

We are always here to assist you. For more guides, you can visit our site. Furthermore, write to us in the comment section if you have queries.


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