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Comparison of CentOS vs Ubuntu – How To Choose For Web Server

Many people don’t know about the centos and Ubuntu, and they ask about them. Here, in this article, I’m going to discuss the basic comparison of CentOS vs Ubuntu.

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They are two major Linux distribution. Linux distribution is an operating system that is made from the collection of different software’s, and these all software’s are based upon the Linux packaged management systems. As both the distributions are Linux, so their core is the same. But the basic difference between CentOS vs Ubuntu is the management tools.

They are a little bit different, so that’s why I’m covering the comparison between CentOS vs Ubuntu.


The most significant difference between CentOS vs Ubuntu is that CentOS is gathered and sourced from the RHEL. In comparison, Ubuntu is based on Debian architecture.


RHEL stands for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RHEL is a platform that is used all over the world. It is the leading world’s best Linux management. It is an open based operating system. It is the platform from where you can quickly scale the existing apps and files.

It is usually appropriate with the RH software. It is linked up with the CentOS, which means, anything that will run on the RHEL will always run on the CentOS. CentOS was created from RHEL version 2.1AS in 2004.


Debian started in 1993. The first Debian was Ubuntu which was created and released in 2004. All the packages of Ubuntu are based on Debian’s containers from the branch of Debian. But mostly these packages are unnecessary. It is essential to create these packages again for being used on Ubuntu.


  • You can buy support contact through Ubuntu, which is usually called Canonical. While CentOS has a very poor and non-official backing, so there is a need for third a party that supports CentOS. The main similar thing is that both distributions are free to use. Support service is an extra service that can easily be purchased.
  • CentOS is usually used for the servers all over the internet, while, Ubuntu is only used for desktops.
  • CentOS is an updated version by version. And every performance has a time limit of 10 years, which means that after releasing the 1st version, it will update after ten years. While on the other hand, Ubuntu is usually updated after every six months.


CentOS supports more versions as compared to Ubuntu, so we can say that Ubuntu is less profitable than CentOS, because if you choose CentOS, you will get the following features:

  • You can do architectural minimization.
  • You will get the CentOS distributions.
  • It will give you long-term support.
  • It will save 50% of your costs.
  • It will do the backporting.

So, this was the significant difference between CentOS vs Ubuntu, which is easily described in this article. You can easily understand this.

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